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Robotic Accessories

Bo Motors.
Caster Wheels.
DC Motors.
Gear Motors.
Generator Motors.
Robot Chassis.
Stepper Motors.
Servo Motors.
Solar Panels.

Development Boards

Arduino Uno 328.
Arduino Mega 2560.
Arm Board.
Bluetooth Modules.
GSM Modem SIM900A.
GPS Modules.
RFID Reader Modules.
Ruspbery Pi.
Xbee S2 Modules.

8051 Programmers.
AVR Programmers.
PIC Programmers.

Interfacing Board

8051 Student Kit Basic.
8051 Student Kit with Button and LED.
8051 Student Kit with LCD.
Motor Driver Board.
DTMF Decorder Board.
Keypad Matrix Boards.
Button Kaypad Boards.
Relay Boards.
Line Following Sensor Boards.
Obstacle Sensing Boards.

Electronic Spares

Comunication IC's
Connecting Wires.
DTMF Decorder IC's.
IC's, IC Bases.
Motor Driver IC's.
Solder Wires.
Transistors, Mosfets.

Hardware Tools

Allenkey Sets.
Combination, Nose Pliers.
Component Cutters.
Soldering Irons.
Soldering Stations.
Screw Drivers.
Screw Driver Sets.
Tweezers, Tweezer Sets.
Wire Strippers.

Air Blowers.
Drill Machines.
Hot Air Stations.
Table Magnifires.

Testing Equipment

Mastech Multi Meters.
Meeco Multi Meters.
Reico Multi Meters.
Unity Multi Meters.

Mastech Clamp Meters.
Unity Clamp Meters.

AC Line Tester.
Debug Card for Desktop.
Debug Card for Laptop.
RJ45 Lan Tester.

Security Sys. Accessories

Camera Mike Plates.
Camera Scanners.
Camera Stands.
CCTV Wire 3+1 Full Copper.
Metal Casing SMPS Supplys.
SMPS Adaptors.
Video Switchers.
Video Balloons.

BNC Plug Brass.
BNC Plug Normal.
BNC Plug Screw Type.
Cable Ties.
DC Cables.
RCA Plugs.
Tape Rolls.
Wire Gittis.

Audio Video Accessories

Audio Video Spllitters.
Audio Video Selectors.
HDMI Cables Up to 30Mt.
Optic Fiber Cables 1.5, 3, 5Mt.
RCA Cables Up to 60 Feet.
RCA Jointers.
S-Video to RCA Cables.
Stereo to Stereo Cables Up to 30 Feet.
Stereo to 2 RCA Cables Up to 60 Feet.
Stereo Extantion Cables Up to 30 Feet.

Computer Accessories

CD, DVD's.
Cat5, Cat6 Cables.
HDMI Cables Up to 30Mt.
i-Pad Cables.
I/O Boxes.
Patch Cables Up to 50Mt.
Pen Drives.
SMPS Supplies.
TV Tuner Box.
USB to Com Converters.
VGA Cables Up to 30Mt.
USB Cables 1.5, 3, 5Mt.

Telephone Accessories

ADSL Splitters.
Coil Wires Small, Long.
Cordless Phone Batterys.
Cordless Phone Adaptors.
RJ9 Connectors.
RJ11 Wires 1.5, 5, 10Mt.
RJ11 Rosette Boxs.
RJ11 Connectors.
RJ11 Joints.

TP-Link Products

ADSL Modem 8817.
ADSL Modem with Wifi 8901.
ADSL Modem with Wifi 8961.
ADSL Splitters.
Network Switch 5Port 1005D
Network Switch 8Port 1008D
Wifi Modem 740.
Wifi USB Dongle 721.

Authorized Dealer Brands

Belkin Power Strips.
HP Pen Drives.
Moserbaer CD, DVDs.
Numeric UPS's.
Sandisc Pen Drives.

Pye Tools.
Taparia Tools.

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